About Us…

The A320 Insider

As an Airbus pilot, I know what it’s like.

You waste endless hours trying to hunt down the information you need, then struggle to clarify its meaning and when it’s all over you’re left with that wormy feeling of still not really knowing for sure, just what’s going on, just what it means, just what it does.

If you’ve flown the Airbus for any length of time, you probably understand that while it’s a lovely airplane to fly, it can be a shit-show to understand

And as an Airbus Instructor, I’ve learned to simplify things, and find order in the chaos that is the Airbus FCOMs.

And I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid, I had a teacher who taught me a simple method for learning vocabulary words in another language.

There was nothing revolutionary about it at all.

Seriously, it was just a piece of paper, folded in half, and then folded in half again, to create four accordion-style sections.

I wrote my English words in one section, and their French translations in the other.

When I finished, I was told to wait for two hours, and then repeat the process on the next two sections.

After finishing that section, I was to wait another two hours, flip the page over and repeat the process on the other side.

Amazingly, by the end of the day, these words were solidly in my head.

I knew them almost as well as I knew anything.

My teacher’s little paper trick had surprisingly given me a knowledge set that I could reliably count on.

I was amazed at both the power of the thing and at the quiet confidence I felt inside.

From struggling, to mastery, in just one day.

But even then, I realised that it was more than just having a pen and some paper.

It was the approach to the pen and paper that created a serious vehicle for delivering knowledge.

Everything we do here at The A320 Insider is in that spirit.

We create tools for pilots.

Tools to make their education more efficient and more rewarding.

Tools to help them connect the dots.

Tools to show them how to bring knowledge and understanding together and to see things in a new and hopefully, clearer way.

It’s time to bring flying training out of the dark ages.

Join us.